Trials Testimony

Testimony of Surrender To God’s Will

It took a tragedy in my life to turn it over to God. For many years I thought I was doing everything the right way. The whole time I was missing out on so much because I was fighting the battle my way. I was going to church on a weekly basis. I was consistent in reading the bible. I was consistent in my prayer. I thought I was in complete control. But I was still struggling with surrendering my life to the will of God. Maybe I thought that I was doing all that He wanted me to do. Perhaps I was afraid of where He might send me or what He might ask me to do. So I continued to do battle my way in a battlefield full of traps and snares. It’s as dangerous as being in a minefield and not knowing which way to go. It’s a place where at any moment I could be ambushed and taken captive to discourage me from doing battle for the will of God. Every day would bring new battles but I was not winning enough to win the war. I fought harder and harder but the enemy was wearing me down. It was one final battle that would turn my life around. It was an uphill battle as if I was trying to take a hill. It was a very long battle. It lasted for an eternity or at least it seemed so. The enemy fired down upon me as I crouched down in my foxhole. I was running out of ammo and I had no place to go. My energy was gone and I was almost completely worn down. I was battered and bruised from this battle and from other battles from before. I was confused and I did not know where to turn or what to do. With little hope I would surely lose this battle to go along with the many more. But the Lord rescued me from what seemed like the end of the war. When I least expected it He bombarded the enemy allowing me to break free. He defeated the enemy and spared me from being wounded anymore. Weary from this battle I was afraid of what might happen to me if I continued to fight alone. So I threw out the white flag. Not to the enemy but to the Lord. The Lord is my ally. The enemy quivers in His presence or even at the mention of His name. He gave me protection when I was overwhelmed by numerous odds. He saved me when I had very little hope. His purpose for me is much greater than when I was fighting alone. He wants me to make a difference in a battle filled world. He wants me to do battle His way for the will of God. It’s not about me but it’s for the glory of the Lord. He only needed me to surrender to Him full control. And so He sends me to new battlefields to do battle His way. He renews my strength and begins to heal my old wounds. He gives me direction in ways that I’ve never known. His ways leave me little doubt on which direction to go. At times I’m skeptical but He gives me assurance that I won’t be fighting alone. So I’ll fight my battles in hopes of making a difference. But I rest assured knowing that the war is already won. The enemy is defeated thanks to Jesus. (John 16:33) ~Steve E. Lovato Sr.~




If you would like to rededicate your life to Christ or would like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, it starts with a simple prayer. It goes like this… Dear Jesus, I repent from my old ways. Please be the Lord of my life. I ask that you come into my heart and help me live through you. Thank you for dying on the cross to save me! I believe God raised you from the dead and I thank you for the hope of heaven and my salvation. Amen…